Interview to Verena Stuffer, a great skier from South Tyrol





 Hello, folks!

At school we had the opportunity to take part in a project titled „Uno, Due, Tre Terra (One, Two, Three Earth)“. Our physical education teacher suggested we should do something special together with an athlete of our region. That is how Philipp, Alice, and I chose Verena Stuffer. She lives in Val Gardena, the South Tyrolean valley Philipp and I come from, and she is 30 years old. She competed in the Ski World Cup and in the Olympic Games in Sochi. We connected our project with two other subjects we study at school: German and Italian. Since I know her personally, she and her mother kindly gave this interview. Both were very helpful in making us understand how difficult it is to become an athlete: a lot of training, at the cost of having to sacrifice many other things, you have to turn pain into power and never give up. That is how passion has become her job because we’re the only ones that can make a difference. Whatever your dream can be, go for it!

Enjoy the video  we uploaded on YouTube, and add your comments. We would appreciate it!


© Christina Senoner

© Philipp Hofer

© Alice De Rossi

© Verena Stuffer and her mother




……………………………………..From left to right: Philipp, me (Christina), Verena, and Alice



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