A post for you all

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” Brian Clark



Dear Colleagues,

Dear Students,


Mrs. Antonella Biancofiore, our director, asked me to follow the blog of our school, since Mr. Adami, the Italian professor and founder, was overwhelmed with things to do. I am very happy to steer the boat, and invite you to come along with me.

How have I organized it?

I already asked several students to relate about their experiences, be they at school or outside school. I also asked some teachers to motivate their students to write about several projects they promoted or are planning to carry out. In the latter case, my emphasis is on the students: I would like them to write about their experience. The teacher intervenes later, with a concluding paragraph, to illustrate the aims, and guidelines that have promoted the project and why it was accepted by the board as a valid tool for learning.

I also encouraged students to interview those in our community who have a decision-making power connected with our educational system. Two students have already interviewed our Director, Mrs. Antonella Biancofiore; two other students are working on an interview with our Mayor, Mr. Luigi Spagnolli; another student – helped by her friend, has already contacted Mr. Cuno Tarfusser, ex-Chief Public Prosecutor of the city of Bolzano, and since 2009 appointed to the position of Italian judge at the International Criminal Court (ICC), for an interview. These are just few of the many possibilities we have not only to grow at a personal and collective level, but also to enter in contact with personalities of our society and historical period that can open us to new worlds.

Since we are at school and studying, wouldn’t it be interesting to share what you have read with a short literary review maybe even a summary to encourage other students to approach the book/the author? Or some positive or negative notes about movies you have recently watched? It would help us all in deciding what to watch and what not, we would definitely be grateful.

There are also many students who come from abroad, or from different villages and towns. Since you live in this country and share traditions, cuisine and customs, wouldn’t it be interesting if you illustrated your own so that we could improve our living standards?

You undoubtedly have some “inspirational people” on your mind, why not describe them to us… Or ideas about many topics, well here is where you can open up and tell us about them.

I have already uploaded several interesting posts, the students of the second class have worked hard!

About the technicalities:

– your posts will be copyright.

– I first changed the background, since I think that an easier neutral background is simpler when reading texts. Moreover, seen that everybody has a cell phone or a camera, you can easily take pictures I will upload, they will illustrate your entry best without any distractions on the top of the blog.

– On your right you can see a list under: “Recent Posts” – it works as an index to lead you through the posts of your schoolmates, or to find your own if you lose the link of your entry.

A successful blog, as much as a successful school, is best if developed on intelligent interactions. You are all invited first to take part in the many projects, to relate about them, and to send me your reports with pictures or links. I would also like you to comment on your friends’ texts, I find this is not only good manners towards those who have worked to keep MarcellinEspresso alive and thriving, but also a brilliant way to build deeper friendships based on the knowledge of the interest of the other.

Ours should not only be a school where you memorize new words or learn to calculate – calculus [invented by Leibnitz, the father of the Aufklaerung, while Newton was doing the same in England – although our modern epoch is best symbolized by Goethe and his Faust, retraceable in Kirkegaard’s in-depth study of Socrates] – but a place where you grow not only physically but also intellectually and emotionally.

Our Blog would like to portray the multilingual aspect – thanks to which our school is famous, as well as our numerous individual voices in different contexts.

With this in mind, let’s cheer to this open space full of possibilities, and let’s try to make of it the very best we can.

Thank you for having read me up to here,


© Anny Ballardini, prof. of English, and your webmaster


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