Gessica Defrancesco’s school year in Ireland




Gessica on the Giant Causeway

My year abroad (2013-2014)



From where should I start?

I’ve been abroad for one entire school year.

I went to Ireland for nine months, returning just for a couple of weeks during the Christmas time.

I lived in Dublin, in the south, where people are really sociable, friendly and nice.


I arrived on 28th August and felt really at from the very beginning. My host mum has been nice, even if she was often stressed and did not really care for me. But what I liked was that she was really sincere and spontaneous. Yes, sometimes it was a bit weird, because I had to cook dinner for myself or I had to prepare my packet lunch, when the fridge was completely empty. But that is all right. To go abroad means also to organize yourself and to settle down.

I had a room for myself, which was next to the one of my host brothers. When I had some time, I loved to play with them or to make them laugh. They were all little: Harvey, 11 years old, Bobbie, 8, and Ted, 6. They were really nice and I felt as if they were my family, because here in Italy, I do not live only with my family, but also with my maternal grandfathers, my aunts, and my cousins. That is why I love to be surrounded by people, children, too.

David, my host dad, was rarely at home because he worked all day as the boss at an office in the city centre.

Sometimes I liked to cook something Italian for all the family or Catherine’s parents; for example, I backed a tiramisus and panna cottas.


I went to a German school: “St. Kilian’s”, where I learned so many things and I had the opportunity to have friends of all over the world and to discover new places, new people, new experiences. Irene, a Spanish friend of mine, is coming this winter on holiday at my hotel.

I travelled a lot: I went to the east coast, to the Cliffs of Moher, to Belfast, to visit the Titanic Museum, to Scotland, to Edinburgh and to many other places.

I also took part in a German singing competition: “Jugend Musiziert” and I had the possibility to go for free to Copenhagen, Denmark, because I won one of the first prices, it was a huge experience, I will never forget.

At the end of the year I received two school prices: one for having scored among the highest marks in business and in German, in the group of mother-tongue speakers. I did not expect them and I was really surprised and amazingly happy.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<,,,,,,,,,,,,<<<<<Butler’s Chocolate Factory

It was just a one stunning year abroad. 9 months in a new country, in a new city, at a new school with new friends and speaking a new language. How could anything be better?

I’m the luckiest girl since I have had a beautiful experience in Dublin.

I will never forget anybody, anything.Time flew away so quickly. Every single person I met has made this trip unforgettable and one of the best ever in my life.

Most of all, I understood how much I love languages and I have had the opportunity to know myself better: my possibilities and my limits.

I understood how great Irish people are, even in their little country. I want to do all my best to keep in touch with them and if I have the possibility, I will visit them in the future and to see that beautiful Ireland (except for the weather) again.

© Gessica Defrancesco

5th year

Liceo linguistico “Le Marcelline”


3 thoughts on “Gessica Defrancesco’s school year in Ireland

  1. After reading your text about your year abroad in Ireland I have really thought about to make a year abroad. The photos are very nice! 🙂


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