My name is Rafaela Isufi. I am a fifteen-year-old Albanian girl and I study in Bolzano now, first class of the Linguistic Lyceum, Marcelline Institute. As everyone does, I also love talking about my hometown because I think it is like talking about warmness, joy, love, that special feeling of our spirit’s peace and safety which are deeply true and able to touch even the coldest hearts. That’s the very first thing that crosses our minds when we think about the place where we have first breathed and have the first met with this enormous world near the strongest love that was born with us for those that brought us to life and to be our eternal fellows in this mysterious journey, a gift that each of us receives only ones. That’s the reason why the place where we were born and grew up in our families and close to the people we love most has such a big importance and owns a special place in everyone’s hearts and unique love. It is the only one that stays closest to our family’s love, to the ones with whom we have shared the most beautiful and special moments of our lives.

     That’s how my hometown is to me, a small space in this giant world, but holding a big treasure inside it, which with its potentials is able to attract local and foreign tourists every year. They love it at the first sight and they always come back to enjoy the diamonds that its treasure holds.

Saranda is a small town near the Ionian Sea, part of the southern coast, and it’s called “The Pearl of The Albanian Riviera”, due to its wonderful beaches surrounded by marvelous natural beauties, many of which are protected by UNESCO because of their rare values even in the Balkan range.

     The warm Mediterranean climate allows for a hot summer and a short and temperate winter, thus becoming the ideal destination for the summer holidays. The town has the form of a middle moon surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Ionian beaches, with a very fine moon that shines during the calm nights reflecting on the waters of our sea, and with a beautiful and smiling sun that accompanies us for approximately 320 days a year. The beaches are gorgeous.

     Besides the beauty that the sea gives, there is a large variety of natural, historical, cultural and archeological monuments that represent in the best way the history of our town from antiquity, being illustrated also with a lot of ancient objects representing different periods in time.

   Talking about tourist attractions, you can have the best view of the town from “The Castle of Lekuresi”, built on the top of the hill with the same name, of the XV century. From there you can see Saranda, and you can enjoy an awesome view from this spectacular height.

   “Butrinti”, positioned 15km from the town, is considered unique in the Balkan range , due to its ancient city with the same name, the big amphitheater, the churches, the cathedrals, the giant forest and the lake with its cultivation of mussels, the symbol of our town. Every year they organize a special concert for “The Queen” of our town: “The Mussel”.

   “The Blue Eye” is the first on this list of very important attractions. It is the biggest and the most beautiful waterhole in Albania. It trickles forming a big blue eye surrounded by a permanent green and natural beauties transformed into a divine place.

   These are just a few beauties my town has to offer you, the best thing would be to visit and enjoy its miracles.

(c) Rafaela Isufi






16 thoughts on “Saranda

  1. I really liked your text about your town. In the first paragraph there are things I never tought about, but they are really true for me. I hope to go to yuor town one day!

  2. A very nice place where you come from. I hope you can enjoy the Christmas holiday with your family and friends in that beautiful city.

  3. Your city seems to be very beautiful, I would like visit it. It has a different climate, many monuments and other interesting things that I could visit. I also read that there are 320 sunny days a year, so it would be nice to spend a couple of days there…and maybe you could be my guide.

  4. It was lovely to see that you love to talk about your hometown, there aren’t many people who talk about their hometown in this way .
    I really appreciated reading about Saranda.

  5. Thank you very much for this little description of your hometown. I really hope to come to you and to see the beauty of your town with you. Have a nice holiday!

  6. I think this article of your town was very interesting.You succeeded in telling us the most important facts to make us interested in your town.

  7. I think that your city is beautiful and I would go to Saranda,because seems a fantastic town and it’s also hot and I love hot too. So I want to come to visit Saranda!

  8. interessante,sono contento di sentirti parlare della tua citta con cosi tanta gioia
    comunque ho visto che sei diventata piu brava con l’inglese
    continua cosi


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