Andreas Kuhnle in Bournemouth


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An awesone experience in my life


Emotions and feelings were mixed when I got on the plane back to Italy. I was happy to see my real family again but sad to leave my old life behind me.

During the nine months I spent in Bournemouth, I learned to be independent, to count only on myself. If I had problems there weren’t my parents to help me as usual, just my knowledge of English and my courage to go a step forward. Believe or not, I was surprised how less I knew about myself ! However, my character sort of limits me in making new relationships, this time I just took any possibility to meet new people and also make new friends.

I was not alone in making of this year a success my host-family supported me. I got really attached to my new family that gave me a base to build my new life. We spent so much time together talking, discussing or playing. It wasn’t just fun, but also a way to improve the language.

Talking about the school, I had to learn to forget the Italian method and adopt a new one. Starting from how to attend to the different classes, to the way of taking exams and tests. Even if my knowledge of understanding everything at first wasn’t the best, the teachers and staff helped me to learn better and to be more efficient. 

We always had to give our feedback, to let them know where they could improve and when they were doing well.

Outside the school I played, as usual, volleyball but my most common hobby was to visit new places and get to know the English culture better. I discovered wonderful places that strengthened my interest in the country. 

In conclusion, I am very grateful for the time and the opportunity I had and I would like to let other students know that my experience was worth both time and effort. They should also try it since it changes your life.


(c) Andreas Kuhnle


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2 thoughts on “Andreas Kuhnle in Bournemouth

  1. Wow! That’s amazing! I was in London too and I can understand how difficult it is to explain everything in English , but for me it was something easier because i stayed there only for 8 days .


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