Interview to Lucia Pansoni by Caterina Pansoni

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I interviewed my sister Lucia. She attended the linguistic lyceum at Marcelline Institute, Bozen before me. Last year she finished school with excellent grades.

C: Why did you choose this school?

L: I chose this school first of all for the numerous subjects and possibilities that it offers; moreover I chose it because of the seriousness and the knowledge of the teachers. My sister before me also studied here and she was very satisfied, so my parents recommended this school also to me.

C: Was it difficult to start studying the new languages?

L: Yes, at first I had some difficulties especially with the pronunciation and the comprehension, but with a regular study and the possibility to hear and speak the languages during the lessons I could improve my capabilities.

C: Has this school, the professors and your classmates helped you to grow?

L: Sure, from the teachers I learned first of all a new way of looking at reality and their passion for cultural studies; with my classmates I could grow by living beautiful experiences together.

C: What is the most important experience you have done with this school?

L: I think that the most exciting experience I have done at the Marcelline was our trip to Chile, because I had the possibility to get in contact with a world that is so different from our everyday life. Also the others school trips have been very interesting and useful for the practice of the languages.

C: Which is your favorite language? Was it difficult to learn it?

L: I don’t have a favorite language, I love them all. Maybe the most difficult to study was Russian but every language has its charm.

C: Did the teachers help you to prepare the language certificates?

L: Yes, we did a lot of exercises both oral and written in order to be highly prepared for the certifications in all five languages.

C: What do you study now at university? Do you use the languages you have studied at high school?

L: Now I study Law in Innsbruck, so I have to speak German. I would like to work in a European context, so I want to continue studying from next year also the other languages I have studied, such as Spanish and French.

C: A comment of your experience at Marcelline.

L: My experience at Marcelline was simply a “golden opportunity” that gave me a solid basis in order to face the future; I received a lot also under a human perspective, because I created relationships that are now fundamental in my life. I discovered my abilities and developed curiosity towards the reality in which we live.


© Caterina Pansoni

© Lucia Pansoni







One thought on “Interview to Lucia Pansoni by Caterina Pansoni

  1. Dear Caterina,
    Dear Lucia,

    an excellent interview. And to Lucia, thank you for all the nice things you say about “our” [since it is also your] school.

    And what a beautiful picture!
    I wish you good luck with your studies and for your future plans,

    Anny Ballardini


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