Interview to Perla Cusini by Caterina Pansoni



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I would like to introduce Perla Cusini, she is in the second class of the Linguistic lyceum, Marcelline Institute, Bozen. Besides studying, she is also an award-winning swimmer.

C: How old were you when you started swimming?

P: I would like also to ask you a question, swimming as a simple sport or are you talking of agonistic swimming?

C: No, when did you start swimming?

P: When I was three years old, my grandfather, on my mother’s side, thought me how swim.

C: How is it that your grandfather decided to teach you how to swim?

P: Because when he was a child he was scared of the water. The family of my grandfather come from the mountains and at the age of sixteen he had never seen the water. That is when his family taok him to the sea, and his father- my great grandfather- thought him how to swim. When he was eighteen, he started agonistic swimming.

C: How was your first sensation, did you like it?

P: I felt very good, I don’t know why. He threw me into the pool. It was summer, probably very hot. He has literally thrown me into the water to teach me how to float.  

C: How old were you when you started swimming at competitions at an agonistic level?

P: I was ten years old, which is not too early because the other swimmers start when they are four or five years old.

C: Which is the highest level you have ever reached?

P: I have competed at a national level.

C: How old are you now?

P: I’m fourteen years old.

C: It seems to me this is quite exceptional because you are competing with swimmers who have been swimming for ten years.
When did you start to swim at a national level?

P: Every year you start at a provincial level and after several competitions if you win them all, you pass to the national level. It’s very hard to rearch this level. There are so many swimmers at the national level and competitions are very difficult to win.

C: How many competitions have you won now?

P: I won several province competitions, and together with my team a national competition.

C: Could you please let us know about your most recent award?

P: Every year in Livigno the mayor offers a cup to the person who best represents a sport. On this occasion, in September, I was awarded together with my best friend the cup for swimming. It is a very big recognition for my short, quick and successful carrier.




© Caterina Pansoni

© Perla Cusini    







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