Celine Lantschner at our School for so many Years_ and she likes it!

I have been at this school since I was six years old. I attended the elementary and the middle school here, and now I´m always at the Marcelline School.

I came to this school when I was a child because my mother liked this school, so she chose it for me. I didn´t know Italian at the time, so it was a little difficult for me at the beginning but then I learned the language by listening to the other children. I liked the school, I found new friends and the teachers were very nice and friendly so I chose to stay here.

I discovered that I like languages. If I stayed at the Marcelline School I would learn other languages, that is what I thought. And that was my decision.

I´m very happy now, because I like it and because I was the one to choose the school, I decided to stay here, not my parents. I´m really lucky that they let me choose this School. They and I must be happy, and I end up learning the subjects that I prefer.

I think that it isn´t boring to go to the same school for many years, because if I like it there aren´t any problems. Maybe it is good to change school because you have different experiences, but even if you don´t, the elementary, the middle and high school aren´t the same. Everything changes; your classmates, your teachers, the subjects, the classroom. The only thing that doesn´t change is the school.

Growing up at the same school is cool, because I know many people and they know me. When you change school you meet and know many other people, but this isn´t important. The important thing isn´t the number of friends that you have, but their character and the way they think. You don´t need to have many friends, but the one that you have has to be honest and polite.

I´m not the only one who hasn´t changed school for so many years. There are many other girls like me. Some of them have been here since they were 3 years old. This school has a kinder-garden, an elementary, a middle and a high school.

(c) Celine Lantschner



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