Mirko Angeli and Maxine

My students in the first class had to develop a short essay on “the person who has influenced you most” since we read in class about influential people who have changed history. I was very surprised by Mirko’s short writing when I realized he was talking of Maxine, my niece. That is why I asked him please to type it so that I could upload his essay on our blog. On this occasion, I would also like to thank my students, the many parents and colleagues who have shared their sympathy with me for the loss of my dear soul, as well as our Director, Mrs. Antonella Biancofiore who substituted me on the day Maxine left us. You can find an entry on my personal blog on my niece, I might continue what I have started writing, in the future.

© Anny Ballardini

I had no idea since these Easter holidays who would influence me in my future choices but now I know. One of my friends who has recently died. She was affected from leukemia which is a form of cancer of the blood.

She had this disease since when she was 5 years old and she fought a lot because she wanted to live a normal life but she could not .

She has motivated me to do everything because even if she could not live well she played with her friends and she went to school when it was possible.

I have known her as a warrior, a soul who fought and it was beautiful. I just want to say “thanks” to her but now I´m the one person who can and has to do something.

© Mirko Angeli



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