My Dream School

A national competition titled “My Dream School” found many schools interested in gaining the one prize that foresaw 10thousand Euros to be spent in school material. We did not win, but I would like to dedicate a post of our school blog to my excellent students who collaborated and overworked to make this possible. I was supposed to select only five for each class, and as a procedure I administered a questionnaire. The five students were selected not only on the basis of their English competence but also on their capacity to use other tools, like blogs, digital media, and on the originality of their answers. Moreover, all the students helped the five selected, and we dedicated one of our classes to the importance of teamwork and the discussion of each term related to the topic, from a handout I had supplied. The filled-in questionnaires have been also used for our School Review Project. Interesting to notice that our students of the two first classes and of the second class, after all the research carried out, stated that our School _is_ their Dream School. This is probably the best outcome of our one-month intensive work!

Here are the works of my Second Class:

Prezi Presentation:

video uploaded on YouTube:

Blog with the essays of the five chosen students:

(c) Anny Ballardini



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