My travel blog by Cristina Senoner

After Belen De Bacco’s excellent trip through Spain, we now move with Cristina Senoner to another wonderful city, Amsterdam. We will continue soon with wonderful tours all over the world.

(c) Anny Ballardini


Hello everybody! In October I went 4 days in Amsterdam, also named “Venice of the Nord” with my family. Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, and it is a very big city located on the river “Amstel” that is lovely, crossed by canals with more than 1500 bridges, it’s incredible! This city is also very particular because there is something for everybody, for everyone’s taste: museums, relaxing spots, parties, and shopping! We visited the museum of Van Gogh, the house of Anne Frank, the old city, we traveled by ferry on the canal while listening to the history of the city and we finally visited the “Bloemenmarket”, it’s a very big market of flowers, located on the side of the canal, I loved it, you smell the scents of so many flowers. The house of Anne Frank struck me, because I visited her apartment and when I was there, I thought of her story and it really moved me!

I also loved the drawings of Van Gogh, you must look at them carefully to understand.

We also went to typical restaurants: they eat lots of potatoes and cheese, waffle and the “Dutch café au lait”, the mint teas with fresh mint are awesome! I could live of them.

We also tasted their typical smoked sausages.

What I liked most of the city is that you see everybody on a bike! Everyone has one and they move around everywhere. Also women with little children, they have a basket on the back of the bike and the little children sleep in there! This is so nice to see.

In the center there is a big road with a lot of shops and fast food restaurants, there are so many shoes to buy, and many so particular.

I prefer Amsterdam to Venice, because there is a greater tolerance for other cultures, it’s a multi-ethnic city, definitely characteristic, but I like also Venice.

Prostitution and weed smoking has been legalized, in fact you can walk through the red-light district at night where many prostitutes wait in front of big windows, Amsterdam is also known for the many coffee shops.

The climate was like here in Bolzano in October, it was chilly and not too cold, and not to warm! We always had sunny days.

I hope I will return to Amsterdam, and maybe with my friends?

© Cristina Senoner



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