My Travel Blog with Caterina Pansoni

After Cristina Senoner’s trip to Amsterdam, and Belen De Bacco’s visit to Spain, with Caterina Pansoni we continue our little Travel Blog, we are in the far north of Europe, from Berlin, up to Copenhagen and finally in Norway…

© Anny Ballardini


Berlin- Copenhagen – Oslo


In 2010 with my family we decided to travel to the north Europe to spend our summer holidays.

We decided to travel by car. As we left Livigno, our first destination was Berlin. We stayed in Berlin for three days and we had the opportunity to visit the entire city. Berlin is the capital of the Germany. I saw the Berlin Wall and the remains of the WW2. There were several parks and buildings that are now considered world heritage sites. Berlin is a city rich in museums that offer visitors every kind of information.

Our second stay was in Copenhagen, Denmark. In Copenhagen we looked for the Danish siren, but we couldn’t see it as it was in China for a very important exhibition.  During our stay in Copenhagen we also visited a particular university where students study literature, philosophy, law, science and theology. It is the oldest university of Denmark and it promotes numerous researches. After we visited the Carlsberg brewery, a big structure, one of the most important in the world. A man told us about the story of the founder. We also saw the town council.

After our stay in Denmark we went to Norway. And for me it was the best part of our trip. We stayed in Oslo and in Bergen for one week. In Oslo the temperature was cold even if it was July. There we saw where the people received the Novel price for peace, at the town council.

The center of city is very clean and tidy.

Another interesting fact is that Munch lived in Oslo, and you can visit the house where he lived and died.

Another important city in Norway we visited is Bergen. There the sea enters into the mountains and you can see the cruise ships very near to the rocks. When I saw this natural spectacle I was surprised because if you don’t know that it is the sea you can think that it is a simple mountain lake.

In Bergen, quite almost all the houses are painted in many bright colors, mainly the fishermen’s houses. I love so much the north of Europe because I saw a lot of new things and I’ve learned a lot of history.


© Caterina Pansoni



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