Noemi Roncador interviews Alice De Rossi


Alice De Rossi

We’re very happy to meet Alice for an interview.

– First of all, could you tell us something about you?

– I’m Alice, I’m 15 years old, I love books and dancing. My favorite song is Freak by Estelle.

– Second question, I think a very important question; is dancing for you a sport or just a hobby?

– I think that dancing is a sport in all cases. IT TAKES AN ATHLETE TO DANCE, BUT AN ARTIST TO BE A DANCER. I take part in dancing competition and train several times per week but I can’t define myself as a dancer.

– When did you start dancing?

– I started dancing when I was five years old, at a ballet school. When I was attending the middle school I began to change my dancing style and now I’m dancing with a team, hip-hop, house and liquid pop.

– How do you feel when you dance? And what is your favorite kind of dancing?

– Dancing just makes me happy, I feel free when I’m dancing. I don’t have any favorite kinds of dancing, I just love all kinds.

– How often do you train per week?

– I train with my team once a week, but I dance on my own every day.

– What’s the name of your team? Do you have a nickname?

– “The Limitless”, we formed it three months ago with nine of my friends and me. My nickname is Smilzo, because I’m the thinnest in the group.

– Do you have one or more idols? Who are they and why?

– Oh, I have a lot of idols, from the Jabbawockez to Ian Eastwood, from Michael Jackson to the Les Twins. My favorite dancers are six girls: Lil’ Steph, Camren Bicondova, Jaja Vankova, Chachi Gonzales, Koharu Suguwara and Sharifa because they were able to create their own styles.

– Would you like to become a professional dancer?

– Probably not. Every professional dancer starts his career at a very young age. Furthermore, it’s very difficult in Italy because dancing is underrated.

– If I’m not wrong, you have been watching a lot of movies that feature people who dance. Could you talk about them? Which ones would you advise our readers to watch?

-I loved Billy Eliot and Singin’ in the Rain, who hasn’t watched the scene when the rain falls? Also Step Up 2 and Step Up 3 are very well done, there are a lot of extraordinary dancers like Moose, Adam Gary Sevani, and Kido, Mari Koda.

Thank you Alice for this nice interview and I wish you good luck with your sport.


© Noemi Roncador and Alice De Rossi

The Limitless with Alice De Ro

The Limitless with Alice De Rossi


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