I ‘m noticing that today our society is based only on appearance. All the people are becomig equal to each other but everyone wants to show himself, above all their body must be perfect , not one wrinkle. A lot of people travel around the world only to put their “selfies” on the web, others show us hundred of virtual friends on facebook. I think that all of us are acting a role like in a comedy. An intellectual man who spoke just about the conflict between “appearance and reality”, was Oskar Wilde, an idol, in my opinion. He was able to unmask the weaknesses of the human soul. I love his eccentricity,his bravery , his being original in a conventional world.

He was born in Dublin in 1856 by a wealthy protestant family. He lived during the Aesthetic Movement which was a literatry and artistic    European movement in the second half of the 19 th century. He lived as a dandy that was the image of an eccentric man who gave importance to, the aspect and to the way in which a man appeared, and for this reason he was both criticized and admired in society.

This figure was based on his belief that in life, as in art, the artist ‘s duty was to cultivate beauty and give aesthetic pleasure.

He believed that only art as the cult of beauty could preserve man from the death of the soul.

He said that he wrote only to please himself and not to communicate his theories.

He was very witty and he used his wit to shock London aristocracy. He was imprisoned for homosexuality, too, and this experience change his life . I like Wilde’s aphorisms because they are witty,humorous and very biting. I love his novel “The picture of Dorian Gray” ,where handsome young Dorian sees his portrait and becomes morbidly aware of his own beauty. This leads him to wish his always young and good looking. In return, he would give everything and the portrait should grow old instead. Unexpectly, his wish comes true. As time passes, handsome Dorian commits all kinds of cruelties and crimes. At the end, tired of his cruel , eternal beauty Dorian , stabs his portrait. At the moment of his death he becomes an ugly old man and the portrait resumes its splendour. This story is fantastic , I’d like to be the writer, I admire Wilde, he is a genius , he is my idol.                                                                            

(c) Clarissa Costa



Oscar Wilde by Clarissa Costa

Everyone has a special inspiration… I think that it is really important to have one, because in that way in difficult situations you have someone that gives you the power and helps you not to quit. Of course I also have an inspiration; how couldn’t I live without one?

Since I was a little girl, I have admired Carolina Kostner… You are asking why?

Well, when I was four years old, my grandmother told me that I should try to ice skate. At first I wasn’t actually excited, but then she told me something about Carolina and I liked her right there. Together we watched some videos of her competitions and I loved her more and more. Until I saw her live one day and it was grandiose… But now I want to report some curiosities and other interesting things about her:


Free skating “Boléro”



Carolina Kostner was born on the 8th February 1987, in Bolzano and lives in “Urtijëi” (Ortisei,Val Gardena). She grew up in a sportive family: her mother, Patrizia was a nationally ranked figure skater in the 1970s and her father Erwin, played ice hockey for the Italian national team at the World Championships and Olympic Games.

I also trained a week with Carolina’s mother; she was a really friendly and nice coach, a pity it was only for one week.

Carolina has also two athletic brothers, both hockey players. Beside that, she is the cousin of Isolde Kostner a silver medallist at the Winter Olympics 2002.

Carolina’s mother tongue is Ladin, like mine: Ladin is a Retro-Romanic language and her Ladin is a little bit different of mine, but we both have the same roots. Carolina speaks also German, Italian, English, and French.

Carolina was in a relationship with Alex Schwazer, who failed a dope test. Given the last that Carolina helped him to keep this secret, she was banned from ice skating races on January 2015 for 16 months, until May 15, 2016.

On January 2015 she wrote on her own web page: “I feel hurt and what bothers me the most is that my name might remain associated with something that I am totally against. Doping holds health hazards and above all it is against all my sporting principles. (…) It’s really hard for me but I will get back on my feet again as I have done many times in the past.” (Official web page by Carolina Kostner)


As I did, Carolina began skating, when she was four years old… She said: “Half of my family on my Dad’s side is in sports, and on my mother’s side is more involved in arts. For me, figure skating was a good mix of the two.” (Wikipedia, Carolina Kostner). In 2001 Carolina chose to work with Michael Huth, in Oberstdorf. Already when she was 15 years old, she finished fourth at the European Championship. In the same year, Carolina became the first Italian skater that won bronze at Junior Worlds.

Carolina won her first European medal in 2006 and at the Winter Olympics 2006, she placed 9th.

At the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Carolina placed 3rd after her short program and free skate, behind Yuna Kim (South Korea). Later she said: “That night at the medal ceremony was very emotional; it was a moment when the circle closed for me and my career. I felt I missed nothing in my competitive career anymore.” (Wikipedia, Carolina Kostner).

“Dear friends,

it’s very difficult to find words for all the emotions I’ve been feeling these days … This is all I’ve always dreamed for and now I’m so happy that I am able not to only dream and believe it but also live it!

This medal is worth gold to me!

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting me throughout this journey!”, this is what Carolina has wrote on 22.02.2014, after the award ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2014 on her web page.


I especially love Carolina because of her skating technique; when she skates, she is like an angel… She is very fast across the ice and a peculiarity of hers is that she makes all the spins and jumps in a clockwise direction.



When I was in the primary school, one day my class and me went to the ice stadium in Corvara and there we saw Carolina at her training session. I suppose she was training for her exhibition at the show Winx on Ice, but I can’t remember exactly.

In my homeland, every summer there is the show Stars on Ice and this year, August 2015, it was the first time that she also performed. It was amazing! After the show she took also some time and made photos with us. It was the best show ever!


Stars on Ice 2015





In February 2015, Carolina was the leading actress in the music video of the song “nëi” (ladin =snow) by the ladin band “Ganes”.

On her official web page Carolina wrote: “It’s a honor for me to unveil the “Nëi” music video, a very special cooperation between Ganes and I. With the artists I share, among other things, the love for our homeland and on Ladin mother tongue. It’s been very exciting to convey on ice the magic of such a beautiful song!” (Official web page by Carolina Kostner)

(Research with Wikipedia and Carolina’s Official Web side)

(c) Anna Costa

Anna Costa: My inspiration CAROLINA KOSTNER