On the 12th of November, the students of the two second classes prepared a Russian show for children and their parents whose origins are related of the Eastern States.

Our intention was to represent the traditions of Russia through a well-known fairy tale.

The fairy tale tells the story of a man, who is similar to our Santa, called ДЕД МОРОЗ. Other important characters are ВЮГА and her granddaughter.

The characters wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve with some children and friends, when suddenly a bad queen and her two snowmen soldiers arrived. She interrupted the party and, thanks to her assistants, kidnapped ВЮГА’s granddaughter. Everyone was desperate and scared by her arrival. The two assistants took ВЮГА’s granddaughter to their castle and locked her inside. The company had to free and help the poor girl in order to continue the celebration.

At this point, the evil queen requested three challenges. The group had to pass them, because otherwise the queen wouldn´t let the girl go.

Fortunately the company was able to save the girl. They even succeeded in changing the queen’s mind. Indeed, she became a good person and took part in the party. Everything ended well, they danced and opened the presents.

During the show, there were some cameramen who filmed a part of the student´s theatre.

Everyone was pleased by the representation. Afterwards, the Russian teacher talked with some of the mothers, who said that they felt as if they were children again.

The show ended being really playful and joyful. The two classes had much fun preparing the theatre even if it took them a lot of time.

(a) Celine Lantschner


  A little bit of Russia by Celine Lantschner