Our students did work. They have discovered our town together and participated in the Speaker of the Year Competition. Here is their video:

and their introduction to what they shot to introduce it to the students from all over the world:

Come on! Come with us to visit Bolzano. It is the main bilingual (German-Italian) town in South Tyrol, and it is the most beautiful city in the world.

Our video starts with the Victory Monument erected by Mussolini after the annexation of South Tyrol to Italy at the end of WW1. It is close to the Talvera river that crosses Bolzano right in the center. We filmed the many wishful padlocks locked on the Talvera bridge, a tradition initially used by soldiers, now by lovers. From here we want to show you the Gothic Cathedral. It was started in 1184 and finished in the 16th century.

Now, let’s go shopping! From the most beautiful and traditional shops under the Porticos, we run all the way down to Piazza Erbe with its colorful stands and surrounding buildings in the typical German architecture.

To catch a sight of the breath-taking sunset, we walked along one of the many promenades that lead up to the mountains.

We end our video downtown, on the meadows of the Talvera river where all the people – young and old – gather, to greet you personally.

The 1st class of the Linguistic Lyceum, Istituto delle Marcelline, Bolzano

P.s.: We will be waiting for you to share Knödel, Kaiserschmarren, Sauerkraut, Speck, Schüttelbrot, Kamin Wurz, Moas, Apfelkuchen, Krapfen, and much more!

(c) 1st Class


The Beauty of our Territory: 1st Class

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