Dear Mr. Roland Sharp
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We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to live this fantastic experience in Bournemouth.

Our leader, Mrs. Ballardini, told us a lot about you and the school you built up during the last few years. The first day we came to school we did not know what to expect because we have never been through a similar experience. Suzannah, divided us into three different groups, according to our levels in English. All the three classes got mixed up. It was very helpful because we got to know the other students of whom we did not know much about before.
Taryn, Suzannah and Domi are very good teachers and with them we did not just learn a lot about the English language, but also about the English culture. We really enjoyed the afternoon activities: Durdle Door, Lolworth Cove, Portsmouth, bowling, the Russel Cottes Museum, Bath and Hengistbury Head.

The trip we enjoyed most was Bath: it reminded us of Italy’s cities because the Romans constructed so many buildings like the Roman Baths, Paultney Bridge, the Royal Crescent and the Circus. It is both an old and modern city that keeps developing year by year. During the tour, we stopped in front of the Royal Crescent to admire its beautiful architecture. After the tour we had some free time so that we could visit what everybody thought they wanted to see better on their own. Some students visited the art gallery, some went to the Cathedral, some to Waterstones -the big book chain in England with their superb cafeteria, some went to the shopping centre, some just wandered around the old town to discover the beauty of the less known streets and corners. Chiara, Beatrice, Martina and Letizia preferred to go on a culinary adventure since they had had enough of Burger King and sandwiches. They ended up in a typical English pub, where they enjoyed a delicious lunch.
We learned so many interesting things. All the guides were very nice, and they were very clear in explaining the history of the different places we visited.
Our families were very helpful, caring and welcoming: they wanted to know a lot about Italy, as they had never been there. The food was very good and the rooms were clean and spacious.

We are so grateful that we could share this experience with you. We admire the work you do and what you have created in these years. You give so many young people the opportunity to study a beautiful language that is spoken by so many people all over the world. Thank you Mr. Sharp!

We wish you all the best!

Class 2nd B, Marcelline High School



Letter to Roland Sharp – School Trip to England – 2B

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