The Wheat Field by Claude Monet

Nature is very important for man, because it is something amazing for the territory and also for people. Many trees, animals, rivers, mountains are always beautiful to see. When tourists go on holiday, the go to place where there is nature and peace. I think nature is relaxing, when you are angry or sad you can there your calmness and happiness. Nature is also various: flowers, plants and other. It isn’t boring, because if you look at trees, animals, you can always see something different. Animals are very important because without them, we do not have the food that we need and also because they are something essential. With plants, that produce oxygen, we can live. The colours of nature are incredible and different: red, orange, pink, yellow, blue, green. A rainbow of colours! Without animals and plants we can’t have the ecosystem and every place or city would be full of houses, industries and shops. But in the past twenty year, pollution has been increasing. We have many types of pollution: light pollution, industry pollution. Many industries are built near green-areas and they produce an enormous quantity of CO₂ and the air has become polluted. The animals and the people breathe it and it damages our organism. There is deforestation, which destroys natural habitats of animals, they can’t live and they must leave. So animals go to zoos and live in cages. There are acid rains which are caused by the production of the acidity emitted from the industries. Acid rains destroys the plants, the plants and flowers, but also the structures. The Global Warming is one of the most extreme examples of pollution in these years. Earth is getting hotter because the ozonosphere is getting smaller and it can’t stop the radiation of the Sun, so the Earth receives much warmth. How can we solve the enormous problems we have? At first we have to think about nature and animals. Which damage do they receive? Animals are endangered because they do not have their habitats. We can build green-areas where animals can live free and close the zoos, because they aren’t of any help. For the plants, that are subjected to pollution, we can reduce the quantity of industry or build them in areas not near nature. It is something difficult because politicians don’t think so much about nature, and without the help of politicians we can’t do anything. This is horrible, the politicians think about economy, money but when the problem is nature it is if it was something of no importance. So, before saying that we have to reduce pollution, we have to believe in it and want to save nature, because it is amazing and without it, we are nothing.




Paola Donagrandi and Nature

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