Interview to Caterina Pansoni

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We’re very happy to meet Caterina for an interview on her favourite sport. She’s the mathematician in our class, the second class.

-When did you started skiing? I started skiing when I was 3 years old with my parents.

-Can you remember the very first time you started skiing? My father was my very first teacher, because my mother isn’t patient so he always stayed with me.

-What happened then? When I was 5 years old, I started skiing in the Ski Club, because of my sister Lucia. She was already skiing with them.

-5 years old?! You were undoubtedly the smallest one! Weren’t you? No, not really because I live in Bormio and there every child starts skiing when they’re little because we live in the snow from November to around April.

-When did you start to understand that you loved skiing better and better? I understood it from the very first time I’ve put my skis on.

-When did you take part in the very first competition? When I was 4 years old but not with the Ski Club, out of all categories. Finally with the Ski Club when I was 5, I was in the Mini [Super-baby in Italian] Category.

-And then from the Super-baby did you pass to the ……BABY?! From 6 to around 10 I was in Bairn’s [Baby in Italian], later I passed to Children’s [Cuccioli in Italian] from 10 to 14, and finally, the very last category, I was in Junior 1.

-How many competition did you ski in the baby category? Hmm….around 20!

-Did you always win? Sometimes I won as a baby, but when I was in the following categories it was very difficult, because first there were about 50 kids competing, while in the Bairn’s category there were 150 from all over the region of Lombardy.

-Hmm yes I can easily imagine that….and how was it with the training? It was a bit difficult, because we trained every day for 3 or 4 hours but it wasn’t a problem because I really loved this sport.

-So why don’t you ski anymore? Because I was supposed to decide if I should continue with my favorite sport, or study here in Bolzano at the linguistic lyceum. It became really difficult to deal with school and sport. I therefore had to choose. I miss it, but I’m also very happy to be here in Bolzano.

-Are you going to ski in your free time? Oh yes I can’t wait for that!! I have been waiting for the snow since the summer, and every weekend this winter I’m going to ski.

Thank you Caterina for this nice interview, it was nice and also funny to speak with you!




© Cristina Senoner

© Alessandra Bosetti

© Caterina Pansoni


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