Music, a way of living!


Interview to Cristina Delmonego by Marta Deluca

-Hi Cristina, how are you? Hi Marta, very well thank you!

Could you tell me something about you? Yes, of course! I’m sixteen years old, I’m from Corvara, Alta Badia. I’m in the third class of the Linguistic lyceum, Marcelline Institute, in Bolzano. I’m a pianist and a photographer.

-I would like to ask you something about playing the piano, when did you start playing and why? I started playing when I was eight years old. I really don’t know why I began to play, I just went to my mom and I said: ”Mom, I would like to play the piano, can you enroll me to the music school?” And she answered:” Okay, let’s do it!”

Can you remember what happened at your very first class? I remember that I was really scared because I’m a shy girl. I remember that when I went to the piano room with my teacher, I saw this big black grand piano in front of me and I was really little compared to it. Then we sat down and my teacher began to explain me what a piano was and then we began to do some introductory exercises.

-Do you have a piano at home? Yes, I have a black Yamaha, but it’s not a grand piano, it is an upright piano. The musician said that Yamahas are the best pianos in the world, because they have a very special sound!

-Was it an extra school activity? Yes, at school we have never learned how to play an instrument. In Alta Badia almost everyone can play an instrument that is why they created a music school, in Ladin we call it “ Scora de Müsjiga” and it’s very difficult to enter because there are a lot of children that want to play an instrument. But I was lucky to have been selected!

-How many times a week did you play? In the first years I played at home almost every day for one hour and every Wednesday I had a class for forty minutes with my teacher. Now I play when I have time also because with the school I do not have so much free time but every Monday I have a piano class.

-Was it difficult to learn the notes? If I have to be sincere, I have never learned the notes. I play what I hear. I’m not the kind of pianist who plays what the author wanted me to play. I play with my own rhythm. Thus my answer is that I have never gone along with the notes!

– You live in Bolzano now, how can you follow your piano classes? When I was in the third middle school I had to choose which high school to attend, I decided to come to Bolzano but I wanted also to continue playing the piano. That is why I took the entrance exam at the conservatory but fortunately I did not pass it, I said fortunately because I would never have been able to attend both schools. Then I found a school: “Cesfor” , it’s a private school and a very good one! I have classes every week for an hour with a teacher that comes from Russia!

-Which are your favourite pianists and which kind of music do you listen to? Hmmm….I think that my favourites pianists are Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Ludovico Einaudi, and Giovanni Allevi. I listen to music of various genres like classic, country, soul, rock n’roll and indie music. But the genres that I like the most are rock n’roll and indie music. I know that I’m a girl of the older generation! But I’m happy to be like this and not like the rest.

-We have talked about your piano classee, when you started playing, but what is music for you? For me music is an escape from my daily life! When I’m stressed, I sit at the piano and I play. You can talk to me, scream, do everything that you want; I will not stop playing. Because I fall like in a trance and I have no more thoughts. I think that I can’t live without music, because it is my way of living, it is part of me. I would like to end this interview with a quotation by Friedrich Nietzsche:” Without music, life would be an error.”

Thank you Cristina, It was a pleasure to talk to you! You’re welcome!

© Marta Deluca

© Cristina Delmonego

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